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Steve Hughes, Ph.D.
366 Selby Avenue - Suite 306
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 952-232-5094 / Fax: 651-204-6853
Email: BookDrHughes@gmail.com
Web: www.GoodAtDoingThings.com

I am a pediatric neuropsychologist with over 15 years of experience. I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Minnesota, and a two year post-doctoral fellowship in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the University of Minnesota Medical School, where I conducted and supervised comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations of children, adolescents, and young adults with a wide range of developmental, learning, cognitive and medical problems. I subsequently joined the faculty and played a active role in the training and education of future neuropsychologists. 

Taking a break from clinical assessment, I worked for three years as Director of Research and Education for The TOVA Company, publisher of the world's most widely used objective measure of attention. While at TOVA, I taught professional workshops on proper diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder to psychologists and physicians around the world, and assisted in the development of TOVA Version 8.0,  and developed the TOVA Symptom Exaggeration Index (tool to aid clinicians in determining the accuracy of self-report measures such as symptom checklists). I also lectured on adult ADHD to professional audiences, and presented workshops on Empirically-based assessment of AD/HD at national neuropsychology meetings.

Now in private practice, I specialize in assessment and treatment planning for persons suffering from problems with attention, organization, planning and self-regulation. I am Minnesota's only provider of Cogmed working memory training, a non-medication, evidence-based treatment  recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics as showing "strong" evidence of treatment efficacy in persons diagnosed with ADHD. 

I also serve as the Chair of the Association Montessori Internationale Global Research Committee, and am a frequent national and international speaker on topics pertaining to child development, educational, and neuroscience.

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